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Band was GREAT


On June 15, 2001 I flew to Sarasota Florida with a round trip ticket to look at a Cobra Replica, that was 50% complete and everything new. Apparently the owner got tired of waiting for his mechanic to finish the car. I showed up at his mechanics garage that next morning with my younger brother. There sat a Cobra (Ford) in the middle of a bunch of torn apart Chevy’s (68/69 Camaro’s, 71 Chevelle and lots of motor parts). So that afternoon my brother and I loaded my Cobra on a Auto Transport and towed it home with a 14’ Uhaul Truck. 28 Hours later it was parked in my garage!

I would like to thank everybody  who made it!


My car was completed enough on Oct. 26 for inspection at motor vehicle, two trips later and I had my plates. They hit me on windshield wipers, and emergency brake wasn't tight enough. All that's left is paint and interior.


Three years later the cobra is painted and interior is complete (July 2004)

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